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Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Organising a pet funeral or remembrance service for your pet

celebrant-pet-funeral-service Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

At Dignity Pet Crematorium we have always believed that we should be there to tailor our service to your needs. Whilst many families bring their pets to us and have their own private goodbyes in our Farewell Room some people prefer a more structured religious or non-religious goodbye.

Over the years we have been touched by the many different ways people have given their pets a final farewell including Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and other non-religious services that have taken place in our grounds.

We now work with several Religious and Non-Religious Celebrants to help you organise a pet funeral or remembrance service.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we ask you to contact the celebrant directly to make the final arrangements it is very important that you let us know you would like a remembrance service so that we can coordinate everything for you.



tara-234x288 Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

We are very lucky to be located near the Parish of Crondall & Ewshot where the lovely Rev’d Tara Hellings is located.  Rev’d Tara is an animal lover who has had to use our service herself over the years. She is able, subject to prior commitments, to carry out a short service and/or prayers.

Please contact her directly via her Parish Page http://www.assm.org.uk/welcome.htm



knights-image Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Knight Ceremonies was founded by Jenny Knight, an Independent Celebrant based in Camberley, a short distance from Dignity Pet Crematorium. Jenny is professionally trained and a member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC).

Jenny says “As a pet owner, you will know that they are an essential part of our families, and so when our beloved animal sadly passes away, there becomes a great gap in our lives.

This could be the first time our children experience loss and mourning, but families are turning this into a very therapeutic process for the next generation; with guidance, arranging the funeral for their beloved companion.

As adults, the loss of a pet is a very significant event in our lives and is something that we prefer to keep from our thoughts. While they are with us, we do our utmost to enhance their quality of life, and a proper funeral is a befitting next step for us to take on their behalf.

I can help you by creating a service which may include prayers or poetry, readings and even symbolic rituals (planting a tree, lighting a candle or installing a commemorative sculpture). I am happy to conduct the funeral ceremony, and/or a blessing at your home for the commemorative rituals.

I offer a free consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and ensure that your dear companion is given a memorable and dignified ceremony.

Please contact me at jenny@knightceremonies.co.uk, or on 0751 299 3143 for more information.




heartsease-image Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Heartsease Pet Ceremonies was started by Hilary Kear, a trained ceremony officiant who was asked to conduct a funeral for a friend’s beloved dog. It prompted her to look into what services were available to other pet owners who were mourning the loss of their pet. She discovered that there were no structured services for people to choose from and so she decided to start Heartsease for those owners who might find such a service comforting. Hilary chose the name “Heartsease” after the Heartsease flower which is a type of pansy. It is associated with peacefulness, serenity and remembrance which represent the service being provided.

Hilary says “Many people consider their pets as members of the family, love them dearly and are profoundly distressed by their deaths. Whether or not you have a religious faith, holding some kind of funeral or farewell ceremony to acknowledge your loss and celebrate the life of your pet can help you find comfort and peace.”

To find out more about the services I offer just contact me either by email at heartseasepetceremonies@gmail.com, via my Facebook page or telephone 07964 942018.

If you would like a printed order of service then this can be provided for a small additional cost. It will include any hymns, readings and poems as well as a photograph of your pet.

If you are contacting me by email and want to arrange a booking then please complete the short questionnaire in the downloadable pdf as it will help me tailor a service for you.



david-walther-jewellery-243x288 Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Many people believe that Animals have souls too and that it is just as important to look after their spirit as it is to care for their physical body.

David is a Healer and Medium who has worked with Dignity for several years now. Being an animal lover and having experienced the death of his own pets he knows how important it is to have peace of mind that they have crossed over peacefully. Using his unique knowledge and connection with the spirit realms, both animal and human, David can provide comfort to you at this most difficult time.

David will also help you by explaining what happens during the difficult time of their transition into the spirit realms, in a loving enlightened way. Sometimes he may even be able to communicate with your loved pet, depending on the circumstances, helping you to feel peace and understanding with their passing.

Prices start from £60 and David is able to attend either Dignity or you home. If you would like him to visit your pet at Dignity then please be aware that this will extend our timescale accordingly. Please be assured when choosing this service that Dignity Pet Crematorium does not benefit financially or in any other way from offering David’s service.

If you are interested in knowing more then please contact David via his website at http://www.davidwalther.co

To anyone reading this I hope my words and experience will help bring you some comfort so I would like to share how David Walther and Dignity Pet Crematorium have helped our precious boys make their journey and helped us by knowing we did, and are doing, the very best we can to help them. Read the whole review here

Claire Hunter


hannah Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Hannah Jackson-McCamley is an experienced celebrant, specialising in personalised services that truly reflect the one you love. Hannah aims to ensure that your loved one is honoured in an appropriate manner and will spend time with you if you like, to ensure that the service is as unique as your companion.

Hannah believes we share our lives with our animals and their death can be as significant as that of any human we have cared for. Hannah fondly remembers the special ceremonies that her parents devised to honour their many much loved pets when she was a child and thinks that it is important to pay tribute and say goodbye as we endeavour to heal.

Hannah’s love of literature and music means she encourages readings and songs and is also happy to incorporate religion and spirituality if it offers comfort to those bereaved.

A pet is not a pet but a member of the family. Hannah hopes to inspire you to honour them as such.

If you would like to discuss your service with Hannah, do not hesitate to contact her on:

Website: www.hannahthecelebrant.com/
Email: enquiries@hannahthecelebrant.com
Tel: 07850 042588


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