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    Pet Exhumation Services

    If you are moving home and have a much loved pet buried in your garden that you don’t want to leave behind, we can help. We offer a pet exhumation service to those looking to relocate, or anyone who now wishes to have their pet uplifted and cremated instead of remaining buried.

    Dignity owner Kevin has carried out many exhumations all over the UK, and says “although it brings old emotions to the surface, everyone says it’s like a great weight has been taken off of them once I’ve uplifted their pet.”

    There are three options when it comes to exhuming your pet:

    1. We can exhume your pet and bring them to Dignity for individual cremation
    2. We can exhume your pet for you to re-bury
    3. You can exhume your pet and bring them to Dignity for individual cremation

    If you choose to have your pet exhumed by us the costs include travel to you, uplift of your pet’s remains and transport to Dignity (if applicable). For exhumations over 3 hours away from Dignity we also have to include overnight accommodation and subsistence.

    For exhumed pets cremated at Dignity we normally have to charge a Same Day cremation fee, which includes the special handling of the remains once at the crematorium.

    Please use the enquiry form below to request a quote. We will need to know a little bit about how they were buried including:

    • The exact burial location
    • The depth the body is buried at
    • What the pet has been buried in, i.e. in a box, wrapped in a blanket, etc.
    • The approximate date the pet was buried
    • Type of soil the pet is buried in

    Exhumation costs do vary depending on the distance travelled, size of the pet, depth of burial and the time it takes to uplift the body. For more information about our pet exhumation services or to get a quote, please contact us or use the below form.

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