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Individual equine cremation service for horses and ponies

Offering an affordable alternative for horse lovers wanting the very best after death care for their special friend

Over the years we have been asked to recommend an Equine Crematorium that mirrors our own personal and professional Individual Cremation Service. The problem is that many knacker and slaughter services upsell very basic horse disposal services and pass them off as caring and respectful individual equine cremation services. After many years of searching we are pleased to say that we now work with fellow members of the APPCC, who operate dedicated equine crematoria that meet our own high standards and can help you arrange a genuine service that will guarantee your horse will be looked after individually, with care and respect, giving you complete peace of mind that they are receiving exactly what you want for them.

The Service

After Euthanasia your horse or pony can be collected responsively from your stables, field or veterinary practice in a specially designed transporter. From there they will be taken directly to the crematorium on their own and will be cremated individually. To view a step by step explanation of the working procedures please click here.

Unlike many other equine services you are assured of a totally individual cremation, which means that your horse or pony will be cremated on their own in his/her entirety and you will receive only their ashes back, in accordance with the Code of Practice of the Association of Private Cemeteries & Crematoria that is strictly adhered to by all APPCC members.

All the ashes of your horse or pony will be carefully returned to you in a casket of your choice that can be mounted with a personalised engraved plate or one of their shoes, specially cleaned & polished, should you so wish. Although we always return all of their ashes you can ask us to split their ashes so that the majority are placed in a simple option for scattering / burial and a smaller amount are placed into a casket or keepsake item such as a keepsake heart or urn pendant to keep indoors. Alternatively if it was a shared horse we can place their ashes in two or three smaller caskets. We can also return one (or more) of their shoes that has been specially cleaned and polished. Just talk to us about your wishes and we will do our best to adapt to your needs.

You can collect their ashes from Dignity Pet Crematorium, or they can be returned to you at home for a small additional charge. Kevin Spurgeon, one of the family members who runs Dignity, is also a director of the APPCC (Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria) that protects consumers and he has been involved in assisting several owners affected by cases of horse cremation fraud as reported in the Horse & Hound Magazine and the national press. He has published a best practice guide on individual equine cremation that can help you ask the right questions when choosing an equine service. View the guide here.

A Genuine Service that will give you complete peace of mind.

Please contact us on 01252 844572 for further details and pricing.

In Summary

• We ONLY carry out Genuine Individual Cremations at a dedicated
• Equine Crematorium
• We ONLY collect one horse at a time in a bespoke transporter
• We ALWAYS cremate each and every horse in their entirety
• We ALWAYS treat your horse with dignity and respect at all times
• We ALWAYS certify that the ashes you receive are only those of your horse
• We WILL tailor our Service to your particular needs
• We ARE NOT a knackerman, abattoir or hunt kennels
• We ARE NOT involved in rendering horses remains for use in the animal
• food chain
• We DO NOT Carry out mass cremations, dispose of Clinical Waste or
• Fallen Stock

To view a step by step explanation of the working procedures please click here.

Light wood casket

Suitable for keeping indoors

Wicker Casket

Biodegradable with cotton liner suitable for keeping indoors, burial or scattering

Dark wood casket

With polished shoe and engraved plate


You can add other items like the keepsake heart where you can keep a small amount of ashes or a lock of mane in.

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