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Tel: 01252 844572
Email: enquiries@dignitypetcrem.co.uk


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    Why choose a specialist individual pet crematorium?

    why-choose-a-specialist-individual-pet-crematoriumAt Dignity Pet Crematorium we are family owned and very proud of the service we offer.

    • We only cremate each pet one at a time and are not distracted by offering disposal or other services
    • We are dedicated to giving each and every pet a respectful send-off and you can have peace of mind that they will be looked after properly at all times
    • Our service is responsive and we can normally receive or collect your pet the same day
    • You can have your pet’s ashes back the same day if you choose our Same Day or Attended Cremation Service
    • We are able to personalise our service to your wishes and you can have as much or as little contact with us as you want.
    • We have purpose built facilities and do not use freezers or body bags
    • We operate to the same high standards as human funeral directors & crematoria
    • We have lots of different choices for your pet’s ashes and always offer to take a special keepsake for you like a fur clipping or paw print.
    • We have been independently inspected and approved by the APPCC and are Trading Standards Approved.
    • Rather than glossing over our service we want you to have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision.  You can read a simple guide to using our service here or a step by step Guide to our Working Procedures here.
    • We are run by pet lovers for pet lovers and so are there to understand and support you during your loss
    • We welcome unannounced visits by pet owners and veterinary staff to prove that our service is genuine and that what happens behind the scenes is just as good as anything that goes on in our customer facing areas.
    • kevin-dignity-pet-crematorium-honorary-fellowship-university-of-winchesterWe are not driven by making huge profits for shareholders or distracted by keeping to corporate rules
    • In 2015 Kevin Spurgeon was awarded an honorary fellowship by the University of Winchester for ensuring Dignity was run on the principals of being honest and ethical.  Our pet crematorium has several environmental initiatives in place like eco-friendly caskets, solar panels, bird boxes and beehives, as well as natural areas and log piles that encourage indigenous wildlife.  We allow rescue hedgehogs to be released into our grounds and raise money for local charities through different fund raising ideas and via the Charity Well in our grounds.  On top of that we sponsor a variety of local children’s sports teams to put something back into the community.

    Why not just let your vet make the arrangements?

    The way pets are handled, transported, stored and cremated varies from place to place; therefore it makes sense to ask lots of questions and do your own research before deciding who you want to look after your pet’s final journey.  Regardless of which company you are initially offered by your vet you can choose who looks after your pet.

    Whilst some veterinary practices offer the alternative of a specialist pet crematorium most now just contract to one large company for all their needs.  These companies offer a basic veterinary collection (normally once a week).  Whilst there is nothing wrong with this type of service it is important to understand that their vehicles will be collecting multiple pets and clinical waste from several practices at a time.  The overall timescale and treatment of your pet will therefore be very different to the personal and respectful service than if you were to choose a specialist pet crematorium that only looks after one pet at a time.

    Reassuringly expensive? Get your bill itemised

    On top of this there has been an increase in very low cost prices being offered to veterinary practices by cremation firms wanting to win lucrative disposal contracts.  Unfortunately, even though the RCVS Code asks vets to itemise fees when arranging a service via a third party (like a pet crematorium) many choose not to break down the fees on their invoices to show the cremation cost separately to any handling fee that they are charging.  Whilst no one expects veterinary practices to arrange things free of charge people would be shocked to learn that some arrangement fees are double or more the cost the vets are paying for the cremation meaning a £45 cremation is being sold for £145 or in some cases much more.

    Who owns your vet / pet crematorium?

    Many pet crematoria in the UK have now been swallowed up and are now owned by corporate entities that are driven by different incentives to small family services. One of the main problems is finding out who owns which vet / pet crematorium as it is not made obvious to clients. Therefore when choosing a vet or pet crematorium it is important that you ask the right questions so that you can make an informed decision.

    The APPCC have produced a guide to help you arrange a cremation service for your pet which can be found by clicking here

    Vets that currently offer our service

    I have compiled a list of veterinary practices that currently offer our Individual Cremation Service (please always request our service by name in case your surgery offers a choice of several pet crematoria). Please remember that even if your vet does not offer our service you can contact us direct and either bring your pet to us yourself or instruct your vet that you have asked us to collect your pet on your behalf. As we are a small localised service we are unable to travel long distances, although anyone is welcome to bring their pet to us from around the country. Best wishes Kevin Spurgeon

    Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists
    Hursley Nr Winchester
    Tel. 01962 767920

    Ash House Vets
    Tel. 01252 343088

    Ashworth Veterinary Group
    Cove: 01252 542 121
    Sandhurst: 01276 34963
    Fleet: 01252 616136

    The Barn Animal Hospital
    Old Basing
    Tel. 01256 329522

    Basingstoke Vets
    Tel. 01256 844944

    Bisley Vets
    Bisley, Surrey
    Tel. 01483 480040

    Blackwater Valley Vets
    Gordon House Vet Centre
    Tel. 01276 22193

    Blackwater Valley Vets
    Elm Cottage Vet Centre
    Tel. 01252 837154

    Brunswick Place (formerly Foster & Seward)
    Tel. 01256 473371

    Burghfield Veterinary Centre
    Burghfield Common
    Tel. 0118 983 2465

    Castle Veterinary Surgery
    Tel. 0118 957448

    Castle Vets Ltd
    Tel. 01252 718128

    Cathcart & Winn 
    Tel. 01252 321996

    Cathcart & Winn 
    Tel. 01252 721191

    Cedar Vets
    : 01420 82163
    Four Marks: 01420 562048
    Alresford: 01962 732535

    Chessington Vets
    Tel. 0208 974 1197

    Companion Care

    Tel. 01252 413673

    Endell Vets

    Tel. 01722 333291

    Firgrove Vets
    Tel. 01252 877799

    Fitzpatrick Referrals
    Eashing Nr Godalming
    Tel. 01483 423761

    Forest House Vets

    Tel. 01753 858877

    Goring Veterinary Centre
    Goring, Oxfordshire
    Tel. 01491 873638

    Grazely Vets
    Tel. 01252 544244

    Hook Veterinary Practice
    Tel. 01256 764771

    Hyde Park Vets
    Tel. 0207 7230453

    Kynoch Vets
    Pine Grove Veterinary Centre in Crowthorne: 01344 774 314
    Barkham Grove Veterinary Centre in Wokingham: 0118 979 0551
    Forge Court Veterinary Centre in Yateley: 01252 873 569
    Harmans Water Veterinary Centre, Bracknell: 01344 421 200
    Easthampstead Veterinary Centre, Bracknell: 01344 456 033
    Wellesley Veterinary Centre, Frimley: 01252 836 699
    3 Royal Hunt House, Fernbank Road, Ascot: 01344 891 069

    Lynwood Vets
    Verwood: 01202 826956
    Wimborne: 01202 882101

    Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital
    Binfield (Nr Bracknell)
    Tel. 01344 450345

    Phoenix Veterinary Centre
    Sandhurst: 01252 871117
    Camberley: 01276 21225

    Prymak Referrals
    Tel. 01276 582324

    St Kitts Vets
    Hartley Wintney
    Tel. 01252 844044

    St Peter's Vets
    Petersfield: 01730 266431
    Horndean: 023 9259 2526

    St Vincents Veterinary Surgery
    Tel. 01189 793200

    Sunninghill Veterinary Centre
    Tel. 01344 299899

    Twickenham Vets
    Tel. 020 8898 0528

    Woking: 01483 815104
    Byfleet: 01932 359280

    Virginia Water Veterinary Clinic
    Tel. 01344 841801

    Windlesham Village Vets
    Tel. 01276 850609

    Sadly the local Vets Now Practices have been moved to a centralised contract with a national weekly firm, however you can still ensure your pet is looked after by us by arranging everything direct with Dignity or by giving your vet clear instructions to make the necessary arrangements with us.

    Please note the following vets have been acquired by CVS UK Ltd, a corporately owned nationwide veterinary group. The company also owns several pet crematoria across the UK that service their veterinary practices, however at the time of writing these pet crematoria have not been branded as being owned by CVS UK Ltd. If you wish to find out more about CVS UK Ltd please visit their website www.cvsukltd.co.uk

    Active Vetcare Group (10)
    Berkshire & Buckinghamshire

    Animed Veterinary Group (6)
    Southampton & Hampshire

    Ark Veterinary Practice
    Fleet, Hampshire

    Falkland Veterinary Clinic
    Newbury, Berkshire

    Harbour Veterinary Group (5)
    Portsmouth area.

    Mildmay Veterinary Centres (2)
    Winchester & Basingstoke

    Nine Mile Veterinary Group (6)
    Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

    Pet Doctors Veterinary Group
    Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Isle of Wight, Cambridgeshire

    Pet Healthcare Centre
    Marlow, Buckinghamshire

    Scott Dunns Equine Clinic
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Village Veterinary Centres (4)

    If you wish us to look after your pet then you can contact your vet and ask them to put a note to that affect on your client record. We also suggest that you contact us directly on 01252 844572 when the time comes and then remind your vet of your wishes as they have a duty to honour them.