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Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets

At Dignity we are regularly asked to cremate small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards and parrots. Add the cost of one of our small animal burial or scatter options below to your individual cremation cost.

pet-cremation-prices-button-2 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets

Scatter/Burial Options Extra Small Small Medium
Scatter Tube £10 £10 £15
Scatter Pouch £12 £12 £16
Metal Urn £25 £25 £30
Burial Casket £22 £25 £30
Indoor Casket £25 £33 £40
 Keepsake Heart £60 £60 £72

pouch-tube-pkg-61 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets       CASKET_B-BRAMBER_natural-2-e1475569992219-351x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets       IMG_0207-e1475570475970-307x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets


The cremation cost for a rabbit is based on size; small rabbits are £80, large rabbits are £110 and giant rabbits are £135. You can add a beautiful rabbit casket to your cremation cost.

PTRB Rabbit on Book Casket £40

PTRR Rabbit Casket £40

PTBR Bronze Rabbit Casket £48

**Please note a larger sized casket will be used for Giant rabbits.

small-pet-rabbit-on-book-casket-e1474382276266-300x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Petssmall-pet-rabbit-casket-e1474382197965-274x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Petsbronze-effect-rabbit-sm Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets

Guinea Pigs

The cremation cost for a guinea pig is £80.

PRGP Bronze Effect Guinea Pig Casket £39

PRGPB Black Guinea Pig Casket £39

guinea-pig-small-casket-288x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets    MG_5845-e1474382429190-401x288 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets


The cremation cost for a hamster is £70.

PRHS Bronze Effect Hamster Casket £39
PR-Hamster-Bronze-e1474382712101-432x250 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets

Keepsake Hearts

urns2-e1474382981152-432x212 Options for Rabbits and Smaller Pets

A beautiful hand crafted heart with a concealed compartment accessed from the base. It can be used to discreetly store all the ashes of smaller pets or it can be used as an additional option to store a special keepsake or fur cutting.

Each heart is unique as they are all hand finished.

Prices from £58.00.

These prices are for the heart only and do not include the cremation cost.

PLEASE NOTE: All the above prices exclude the cost of collection and return. Depending on the collection/return costs from your home or veterinary practice we recommend that you bring your small pets to us whenever possible, as the final cost can be much higher once the collection/return costs have been added on. All prices include VAT.

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