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Ashes scattering in natural areas

ashes-scattering-in-natural-areasYour ashes scattered in one of the shared natural areas around Dignity Pet Crematorium’s gardens.

Individual Markers are not permitted in Natural Areas. The ashes can be commemorated on a hardwood plaque mounted on a memorial post. Please see below for details of the optional hardwood marker.

The cost includes the entry fee for 1 set of ashes into our gardens and a ground maintenance fee for the shared area. When also having an individual cremation service for your pet please add the cremation fee (detailed further down this page) to the entry fee below.

**Optional Memorial Licence Fee
Option Standard Prepaid 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years
Human £135 £125 add £25 add £50 add £75 add £100
Pet £45 £35 add £25 add £50 add £75 add £100

*The Natural scatter areas do not include a memorial as standard. The Memorial Licence Fee only applies if an approved Memorial is purchased.

Prepayment Discount & Reservation Option

If you choose to fully prepay the Entry Fee then the cost will be reduced as detailed above. This payment is non-refundable but allows you to reserve a spot in advance free of charge.
Alternatively you can choose to pay at the time of needing the service or pay in advance and spread the cost over time using our prepayment plan. These payments are refundable and mean you will pay the standard Entry Fee (above) but cannot reserve your spot in advance. If you would prefer not to pay for the service in advance then you can still reserve a spot by paying a non-refundable deposit (We offer the choice of both a 5 and 25 year reservation fee).



Entry into natural scatter area


Grounds maintenance fee


6x4” wooden marker on post


Plaque in Remembrance Walkway


Memorial licence fee 5, 10, 15, 20 years

Optional Hardwood Marker

wooden-sword-marker-3091A 6x4” hardwood marker can be mounted onto one of the Oak Memorial Posts in the designated Natural Areas if you wish. The cost of the Marker is from £50 (plus a £25 fee for a 5 year Memorial Licence). Please visit the Hardwood Markers page for more information.

Please note that if you remove your marker earlier than the Memorial Licence period then we regret that we cannot refund all or part of your Memorial Licence Fee.

If you order a memorial at the time of organising your pet’s cremation the cost will be reduced to the following:

6x4 wooden marker no image £48
6x4 wooden marker with image £58

When more than 1 set of ashes are entering the gardens at the same time you can choose to have 1 marker for all the ashes if you prefer.

Alternatively approved flower seeds can be sown in Natural areas. As the ashes will be scattered within a shared area their exact location will not be known after scattering. You can create a separate memorial or tribute for use at home or in our remembrance walkway.

When also having an individual cremation service for your pet please add the entry fee (above) to our individual cremation prices below:

Cat/Toy Dog Small Medium Large XL Giant
£135 £145 £155 £165 £175 £195

Entry into Dignity’s grounds is subject to acceptance of our standard Terms & Conditions.

Human ashes: We can only accept ashes from a human if their pet was individually cremated at Dignity Pet Crematorium and their pet’s ashes are either already in Dignity’s Gardens or if they are entering the Gardens at the same time as their pet’s ashes. We regret we cannot accept human ashes if they are not accompanied by or joining their pet’s ashes. Human ashes must be accompanied by a certificate of cremation.

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