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    Scattering human & pet ashes at Dignity Pet Crematorium

    benchWe are the first pet crematorium in the UK to obtain planning permission to allow scattering human & pet ashes within our peaceful and picturesque Gardens of Remembrance and Natural Woodland. We had the idea after hearing many of the people who were using our service express a wish to have their pet’s ashes scattered or buried alongside them when they die. Sadly, many owners are unaware that this is not currently possible due to deceased pets being classed differently to humans by the government.

    Please note the human ashes scattering service is only for clients of Dignity Pet Crematorium. This means that we can only accept ashes from a human if their pet was individually cremated at Dignity Pet Crematorium and their pet’s ashes are either already in Dignity’s Gardens or if they are entering the Gardens at the same time as their pet’s ashes. We regret we cannot accept human ashes if they are not accompanied by or joining their pet’s ashes. Human ashes must be accompanied by a certificate of cremation.

    Why can’t I scatter my pet’s ashes at a human cemetery or crematorium?

    There are both legislative and practical reasons why human sites will not accept pet ashes. In the UK, unless a human cemetery or crematorium is separately licensed by the Environment Agency as a pet cemetery, they cannot allow the scattering or burial of pet ashes on their land. It is also illegal for a pet’s ashes to be placed in an owner’s coffin prior to burial or cremation.

    Placing pet ashes in a human coffin can pose a practical problem. If the person being cremated had ashes from several of their pets put in their coffin prior to cremation, the human crematorium would be left with far more ashes than they were expecting. This is because pet ashes do not decrease in size if they are re-cremated. When you combine all the pet and human ashes that are left it could mean the crematorium wouldn’t have a casket big enough to fit them all in.

    Click below to find out more about the ashes scattering options available at Dignity.

    How do I arrange to have ashes scattered at Dignity?

    Reserving a plot in our gardens is simple. Just contact us on 01252 844572 to book an appointment to visit us. When you are here you can walk in the gardens and choose a spot. If you decide to have your ashes at Dignity we will put a marker in place to reserve the spot for you.

    We find many owners keep their pet’s ashes at home with them for many years. It is possible to come back to Dignity at any time after the event and reserve a spot in our gardens so that both your and your pet’s remains can rest together in our peaceful Gardens of Remembrance or Natural Woodland Area.

    Organising a Marker, Tribute or Memorial

    There are a variety of ways to memorialise the spot that you choose. It is better to consider this at the time of your reservation so that your wishes will be carried out in the way that you want.

    All the markers and memorials on the right can be used at home or at Dignity pet crematorium. You can also opt for a Celebrant Service or Dove Release when scattering ashes at Dignity. Just click on the images to find out more about the choices available.

    Be Prepared

    None of us wants to think about our own demise, however making a few simple preparations can make life easier for our family and ensure that both you and your pets are commemorated in the way that you want.

    We have prepared a Letter of Wishes that you can download, print and keep with your Will or give to your family or executors so that they know your wishes. Once the letter has been completed you will have peace of mind that when the time comes your wishes will be carried out as you had wanted.

    To download the letter of wishes just click here.

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