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Tribute Heart

A range of several beautiful hand crafted hearts with a concealed compartment accessed from the base. The heart can be used to discreetly store your pet’s ashes and is unique as each heart is hand finished.

2 sizes available:

Suitable for: cats, toy dogs, small dogs & some medium dogs
Available styles: plain slate, multiple gold & silver paw prints
Approx dimensions: Diameter 10.5cm, Height 6.5cm
Suitable for: small dogs, medium dogs & some large dogs
Available styles: plain slate, multiple gold & silver paw prints
Approx dimensions: Diameter 13cm. Height 7.5cm

The Tribute Heart is only suitable for pets up to and including some large dogs. For smaller pets please visit our SMALL PETS page.

Heart Stand available to purchase separately.

An alternative way to display your Tribute Heart. Prices from £9.50 for the small stand and £14.50 for the large stand. Available in Silver or Gold.

Single Paw Print

Double Paw Print

Multiple Paw Print Heart

Plain Slate Heart

Add an extra bamboo scatter pouch or scatter tube To any option for only £10.

This is ideal if you would like to keep a proportion of your pet’s ashes with you and scatter or bury some in a favourite spot. This can also be used for when several family members would each like some of the ashes for themselves.

Please ask for ‘Package 6’ if you would like us to do this for you.

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