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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of questions that many clients ask us. It is very important that you are able to trust us and have confidence in the service we provide. We hope that the following questions and answers will dispel any fears you may have.

At Dignity Pet Crematorium an individual cremation means that your pet will be handled and cremated on its own. We do not cremate several pets on numbered trays at the same time and we do not communally cremate pets and then separate ashes out afterwards. If you do not choose our service it is important that you find out what does happen at the crematorium you intend to use.

Click here for full details on our procedures that explain how we ensure only your pet is returned to you.

Please find our opening hours below, see the contact us page for more information about when our phone lines are open.

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays Closed
Emergency service only. Please contact us for details.

ALL pets are handled and cremated individually with care and respect. Each pet is cremated on their own thus ensuring that you receive your own pet’s ashes. We provide a certificate that is returned to you with your pet's ashes. See 'What does an individual cremation actually mean?' for more information. We DO NOT get involved in any mass cremations or the incineration of Clinical Waste and ONLY carry out GENUINE INDIVIDUAL CREMATIONS as explained in the Strict Code of Practice that we adhere to.

Click here for full details on our procedures that explain how we ensure only your pet is returned to you.

As a founder member of the APPCC we are committed to adhering to the Code of Practice which clearly defines both the handling and cremation procedures that members must adopt.

Click here to see our working procedures and code of practice in more detail.

Please click here for our pet cremation prices. You can add the cost of any caskets, urns or keepsakes to your individual cremation cost.

This will depend on the veterinary practice that you use. Sadly, not all vets give you the option of choosing between different crematoriums. This is quite alarming given that different crematoriums can offer very dissimilar services. Some veterinary practices may not even ask whether you want your pet cremated individually or with others so it is important that you think ahead to make sure you get the service you want. It is better that you contact your local crematorium directly to discuss the services that they offer before the sad day. This often gives people peace of mind in knowing their exact wishes will be carried out.

If your vet has suggested an alternative crematorium to Dignity Pet Crematorium please check whether they are an Association member as not all pet crematoriums operate to a code of conduct to ensure you get a genuine individual cremation and your own pets ashes back. Click here to find vets that currently offer our service.

We are able to collect from your home, by appointment after euthanasia or from your veterinary surgery, upon request. All collections are made in discreetly marked pet hearses.

Click here for full details on our procedures that explain how we ensure only your pet is returned to you.

It is very important to us that all pets that come to Dignity Pet Crematorium are treated like one of our own. Your pet will be handled carefully at all times and we assure you that they will be treated with the great deal of respect that they deserve. We always use Dignity pet beds when collecting your pet from either your home or your veterinary surgery. We DO NOT put your pet in plastic sacks.

Click here for full details on our procedures that explain how we ensure only your pet is returned to you.

Yes, either by prior appointment or a telephone call before leaving your veterinary practice. We have provided directions from the M25, M3, M4 and A30.

Click to view maps and directions.

On arrival your pet is placed on a wheeled bier and you and your pet are taken to our farewell room where you may spend time discussing your requirements and have your last goodbye in private should you wish.

We aim to cremate all pets within 2 days of receiveing your consent to go ahead with the cremation.

You may wish to come back to Dignity Pet Crematorium to collect your pet’s ashes. Alternatively we can return ashes directly to your home or your vet, which we are most willing to do, although an additional charge is made for this service.

Click here for full details on our procedures that explain how we ensure only your pet is returned to you.

Yes. We can carry out an immediate cremation upon request. An additional charge is made for this service. Click here for more information about our Same Day Services.

Yes. Many people contact us well in advance of the death of their pet to make sure that their exact wishes can be carried out. The details of both the pets and their owners are kept on file until our help is needed. We always suggest owners contact their vets directly to ensure that their pet comes to Dignity Pet Crematorium and is not sent for mass cremation.

Yes, we ask that all visitors please book an appointment before visiting Dignity.

Appointment times can vary but please use the below as a guide:

Collection of ashes: 15 minutes

Bringing your pet in to Dignity: 20 minutes

Same Day & Attended: 30 minutes

You can pay for our services by most major credit and debit cards (i.e. Switch & Delta cards). We reserve the right to request payment in advance.

You can choose to have blankets, toys and collars either cremated, disposed of or returned to you. Carriers or baskets should be taken away with you when you bring your pet in, however if they are left at Dignity we will dispose of them or donate them to charity if they are not collected after 3 weeks following the cremation.

The Association represents many small privately owned pet cemeteries and crematoria throughout the country. One of its main objectives is to ensure members operate to a strict Code Of Practice before, during and after cremation.

If you have any questions that have not been answered then please contact us on 01252 844572 or use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes. A funeral or memorial ceremony is a way of saying goodbye to a pet, just as it is a way of saying goodbye to a person. It's about saying that this life mattered, that the love and grief you feel is not trivial or unimportant, and it provides comfort and closure.

For further details click here.

No. We are a small independently owned pet crematorium and have no affiliation to the Dignity Funerals Group whatsoever.

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