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For many owners, it can be extremely difficult to leave their pet following their death. Some people worry about the way their pet will be treated, while others simply cannot bear to be parted from their faithful companion. Whatever the reason, we understand that feeling which is why we offer an Attended Pet Cremation Service.

Chobham Pet Cemetery Restoration

Pet cemeteries are not a common sight nowadays, and even human graveyards are becoming a rarity. Here in the UK, we are fast running out of space for human burials, which is why many are turning instead to cremation – for both ourselves and our companion animals. However, in the early 1900s burial was the
Paw print keepsakes to remember your pet
People often say that pets leave paw prints on your heart, and we totally agree. But you can also use them to create unique paw print keepsakes, memorials and gifts to remember them for years to come. Whether you want a piece of stunning jewellery or a pet memorial tattoo, you can use a digital
What is the Rainbow Bridge for pet bereavement

What is the Rainbow Bridge?

If you own a pet you are probably familiar with the concept of the Rainbow Bridge. But where did the idea come from and why do some pet lovers find it so comforting following a loss? To mark Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, which is celebrated on 28th August each year, we’re going to take a
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Customised pet portraits
While it’s always nice to look at photographs of our pets, sometimes you want something a little different to remember them by. Our new Custom Pet Portraits allow you to create a totally unique piece of art with only a photo of your pet. These are a great way to pay tribute to a pet
Guest post by Lisa Howe RVN, A1, Cert. Pet Bereavement (BC) Losing a beloved animal at any time can be traumatic and distressing, but these feelings along with helplessness and isolation can be heightened, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am seeing an increasing number of clients struggling at this difficult time and wanted to