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Monday - Friday
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9:00AM - 5:30PM
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Tel: 01252 844572
Email: enquiries@dignitypetcrem.co.uk


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Having a memento or keepsake to remember your pet by can help you feel closer to them, particularly a piece of jewellery you can keep close at all times. This month Alba Rose are offering free Tribute Heart pendant necklaces with all orders over £250. All you need to do is spend over £250 on
Can I have my ashes buried or scattered with my pet?
You will meet people in life that do not understand the bond you have with your pet, but you won’t find those people at Dignity. We are all pet lovers here, which is why we offer the caring and respectful pet cremation service that we do, with options such as attended services for those who
What is individual pet cremation?
You have probably heard us use the phrase ‘individual pet cremation’ when talking about the Dignity service, but do you know what that actually means? We’re going to run through what an individual pet cremation is, what the alternatives are, and why we choose to offer this type of service. Dignity was founded in 1992
While Christmas is seen by most as a time for spending time with family and celebrating, it can feel radically different if you are mourning the loss of a pet. Whether it’s a recent bereavement or one from many years ago, the pain of pet loss often feels worse around this time of year. We

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

We hope that you will not need to use our services over the Christmas & New Year period, but if you sadly do please find our opening hours below. Please call us on 01252 844572 to arrange an appointment.
For pet lovers, there’s nothing worse than losing your faithful friend. While some people might say it’s ‘just a pet’ we know that is never the case. At first the pain can be unbearable, and every time you catch sight of a lead or food bowl feels like a painful reminder of your loss. But