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Crystals that may help with Pet Bereavement

david-walther-jewelleryWe have teamed up with David Walther, a well known local Medium, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher & Crystal Healer. David uses a mixture of these holistic therapies and tailors them to his clients’ needs to ease their symptoms, give them a new lease of life and help them to feel better. As a fully insured Master Teacher, David is renowned for his Reiki work which will help you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful. As a pet lover himself David can help you cope with the passing of your pet – feel free to contact him via his website www.davidwalther.co.uk
He has kindly put together a range of crystals for us which are now available to purchase at Dignity. He is also working with us to bring crystal healing into our rooms to assist us in giving as much help to you as we can during a time of great sadness.
I have worked with crystals for many years and have found the benefits on all levels. I am also an animal lover and had pets all my life. Like all creatures though that live on this earth we pass over to spirit at some point. I have used the services of Dignity Pet Crematorium at such a time and met the owner Kevin. It was during our conversations we realised that we shared common interests and so with Kevin’s suggestion I have put together a small collections of crystals that I feel will be of benefit during the difficult emotional time when your pet passes over. This can help in healing and as a symbol of love for you to remember your pet by.

Crystals have great power and are full of energy. The energy varies from crystal to crystal with slightly different attributes for each one. They can help sooth your emotions lending comfort and peace, radiating gentle energy, or they can be more vibrant and uplifting.

Pendants worn with a crystal close to you are a lovely way to keep that energy close to you at all times. I personally wear different crystal pendants every day to suit how I feel in the moment, or what I feel I need that day.

Crystal candle holders are excellent as well. Nothing is nicer than lighting a candle in a bed of crystal for an effect. You receive the benefit of elemental fire from the candle and the energy from the crystal also. Or just a crystal to place somewhere you desire to see and feel it. Serving both your well being and for those who prefer a physical reminder of your loved pet. We are all different and have different needs and desires, so use whatever suits you for your own reasons.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. Universal love and unconditional peace. Soft and gentle Rose Quartz has been used as a symbol of love by man for eons. It purifies and opens the heart, bring deep inner healing. It is calming, reassuring and excellent for bringing comfort during crisis or trauma.


Amethyst is that very well known deep purple crystal used all around the world in Health Spas and retreats to provide tranquility and peace. A natural tranquilizer Amethyst helps block negative energies in all forms and its serenity along with natural healing and cleansing powers make this a beautiful crystal to have around the home.


Agate comes in many forms and colours and should not be underestimated. Beautiful and grounding, Agate assists in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance. Soothing and calming Agate works slowly but brings about great strength, helping to overcome bitterness and anger from the heart allowing universal love to flow in its place.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal on the planet. Used for many years for all kinds of industrial uses is testimony to this. They say if you can only own one crystal then it should be Clear Quartz and it can be used for any kind of healing and is therefore suited for most situations.

The products on the right are on display at Dignity and are available to purchase directly or by telephoning 01252 844572. The prices include VAT but do not include postage and packing.

• We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being.
• Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.
• For medical advice, please consult a qualified healthcare specialist.

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