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Odiham Road
Hampshire, RG27 8BU

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Monday - Friday
Emergency service only
9:00AM - 5:30PM
Please contact us for details

Tel: 01252 844572
Email: enquiries@dignitypetcrem.co.uk


Paw Imprints

Unique keepsakes of your pet

If you would like a paw print taken of your pet please mention this prior to us carrying out their individual cremation.

Inkless Paw Imprint

The edited image will be emailed to you upon completion. We use inkless wipes to take the unedited paw prints. This way there is no mess involved.

Your pets paw print can be used to create a pendant or key ring if you wish. Please click here for more details.


The original image.


Tidy up

Image is scanned and edited to improve it’s finish.

Price includes the original unedited image and an emailed copy of the edited image.



This image is can also be used to create paw print jewellery at a later date.

Price includes the original unedited image and an emailed copy of the solid colour image.


Please note
For edited images - you will need to supply us with an email address so that the edited image will be emailed to you upon completion.

Fur clipping

Fur clippings are available free of charge. If you would like us to take a fur clipping or paw print please mention this to a member of staff before carrying out your pet’s cremation.

Items that can be made with a Paw Imprint

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