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Cat Caskets

Wooden Sleeping Cats - Option E3a

Wooden Sleeping Cat casket ideal for keeping indoors. Unlike some makes these cat caskets are hand carved meaning each one is unique. The ash casket is discreetly hidden inside so that only you know it is there.  Please note the black cat is machine made and hand finished.

One size: £180 (inc VAT and cremation)

Approx Dimensions: 18cm wide x 11cm high

Please quote the code number when ordering.

Available to purchase separately here.

NB An engraved plate can only be placed on the underside of the casket due to the design of the sleeping cat.

Curled Cat Casket - Option E3b

These sculptured caskets are handcrafted in the UK. The Curled Cat Casket is unique as unlike many other caskets it is suitable for both internal and external use. Made of a combination of welsh slate and white marble mixed with polymer, they require no maintenance and will withstand extreme weather conditions. The Curled Cat can be used to store your cat’s ashes in or as an innovative keepsake that you can place a collar, fur clipping or other treasured item inside. The discreet circular compartment is located underneath the cat casket and is accessed via a lid which is secured by screws.

Available in a black, bronze or pewter finish.

One size: £185 (inc VAT and cremation)

Approximate Dimensions: 16.5cm diameter and 10cm high

Available to purchase separately here.

Sitting Cat Urn - Option E3c

These attractive cat sculpture urns are made of brass and come in three different colours. Your cat’s ashes are discreetly hidden inside the pet urn and can be accessed via the base so that only you know they are inside. This makes the cat urn an ideal choice for keeping your pet’s ashes indoors with you.

One size: £195 (inc VAT and cremation)

Approx Dimensions: 23.5cm high x 10cm diameter

Available to purchase separately here.

Bronze Cat on Book Casket - Option E3d

A discreet indoor casket. Ashes are placed inside a hidden compartment underneath the casket so only you know that it is there.

One size: £155 (inc VAT and cremation)

Approx. Dimensions: 14cm long x 10.5cm high x 10cm wide

Bronze Cat Casket - Option E3e

A sculptured resin casket in an antique bronze finish. Ashes are placed inside a hidden compartment underneath the casket so only you know that it is there.

Approx. Dimensions: 22cm long x 14cm high x 13cm wide

Suitable for use with new Memory Capsule (sold separately)

One size: £175 (inc VAT and cremation)


Add an extra bamboo scatter pouch or scatter tube To any option for only £10.

This is ideal if you would like to keep a proportion of your pet’s ashes with you and scatter or bury some in a favourite spot.

This can also be used for when several family members would each like some of the ashes for themselves.

Please ask for ‘Package 6’ if you would like us to do this for you.

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