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Tel: 01252 844572
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Meet the Family

Sometimes it helps to be able to put a name to a face – especially if you only get to speak to us on the phone.

Barry & Carole (Mum & Dad) Founders
Barry & Carole founded Dignity in 1992. Sadly Carole passed away in February 2014 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for over 6 years. Barry, aged 82, who cared for Carole, passed away peacefully in October 2016 after battling pulmonary fibrosis. Despite his illness Barry continued to help Kevin run Dignity until the very end. It was Barry and Carole’s dedication and love for animals that led them to start Dignity. You can read more about why they started our pet crematorium here
Kevin is Barry & Carole’s son. He began working at Dignity Pet Crematorium in 2001 and shares the same passion for animals as his parents and family. Over the years he has guided Dignity to several national awards for excellence of service and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the University of Winchester for the way Dignity is run on an honest and ethical basis. He is also a Director of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC) that strives to set standards and improve the service of pet cemeteries and crematoria in the UK and Europe. Kevin, his wife Estelle and sons South & Lincoln, have 1 cat (Louis) and a two Greek Rescue dogs called Brax and Willow.
Michelle helps full time in the office, looking after clients & scattering or interring pet’s ashes in the woodland and garden areas. Michelle also ensures we have enough stock on a weekly basis. She has a cat, Reggie and a rescue dog, Beau.
David works with us on a full time basis. David helps both in the office and drives one of the pet hearses. He has two dogs called Teddy and Tango and his wife and daughter have two horses, Bonfire and Sam.
Emma works at Dignity full time. She can be found either in the office, answering the phones, seeing customers, or driving one of the pet hearses. She has a cat, named Buddy and a hedgehog called Strawberry.
Lynne started working with the family in April 2013. She has joined our dedicated office team answering the phones and looking after clients when they come over to Dignity. She currently has 4 dogs.
Viki is David’s daughter and has been helping in the office since 2013. She has two horses, Sam and Bonfire and two dogs, Teddy and Tango.
Louisa works at Dignity full time. She looks after clients both in person at Dignity and over the telephone as well as homing pet’s ashes into our caskets. She currently has a ginger puddy "fat" cat.
Louise L
Louise joined the Dignity team on a part time basis in November 2015. She helps in the office both answering the phones and homing ashes into caskets and also looks after clients when they arrive.
Jane started working at Dignity in March 2016. She helps part time in the office looking after clients both over the phone and in person. She also helps by homing pets ashes into their caskets.
Georgia works at Dignity full time. She looks after clients both face to face and over the telephone. She also helps with homing of ashes and general office duties. She has a teacup chihuahua called Lily.
Caroline works at Dignity full time. She can be found either in the office, answering the phones, or seeing customers. Caroline has an 8 year old daughter called Charlotte.
Fiona works part time in the office homing ashes and helping keep up with general office duties. She has a cat called Milo.
Sinead helps us part time homing ashes into caskets and helping keep up with general office duties. She has known Louise for a number of years.
Nikki joined Dignity in September 2016. She helps on a part time basis homing ashes and carrying out general office duties. She has one dog, Rosie and a Maine Coon called Maggie-May.
Jaime works full time at Dignity looking after the individual cremations and also helping with the driving. He joined Dignity in 2005 and lives with his family locally. He is originally from Portugal although he now calls England home!
Kev (not to be confused with Kevin!) joined Dignity in 2014 and helps as a driver, collecting pets in one of our pet hearses. For many years Kev has been a funeral director and so looking after pets seemed a natural progression for him.
John also helps us on a part time basis by driving one of the pet hearses. Like many of the team he lives locally in Fleet.
Jo joined Dignity’s team of drivers in April 2016. She helps part time driving one of the pet hearses to the vets and to clients homes.
Maurice has helped the family for many years. He can normally be found around the gardens and does a fabulous job of keeping the grounds maintained throughout the year.
Hayley joined Dignity in December 2016 and works part time as an Accounts Assistant. Hayley has two daughters, Amber 6 years old and Ava 5 years old.
Yvonne joined Dignity in January 2017 and works part time as an Admin Assistant. Yvonne has two children, Ryan 11 years old and Chloe 9 years old.

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